Soon it is time, only a short time left until the first demo release. Many hours, sleepless nights and a lot of energy were invested to make this possible. And especially in the last days we have worked hard to get ready in time for the demo release. Apparently one of our plugins was updated in one of the last updates and now causes a problem. The whole thing affects


Apr 2020

New adjustments

We have made some more changes to the website. From now on this news section is visible, so we can keep you up to date. You also have the possibility to leave a comment. The next days will follow some more updates. This includes the team list, the roadmap and much more.

Now it is also so far, our website is now also available in German. Just click on the flag in the navigation bar at the top of the website.


Apr 2020

New Design

Now the time has finally come. Our new design for the website is published. Of course there are still some adjustments to be made but that will happen in the near future. Step by step we integrate all functions into the website. We hope you like the new design. We would be glad about feedback.