Soon it is time, only a short time left until the first demo release.
Many hours, sleepless nights and a lot of energy were invested to make this possible.
And especially in the last days we have worked hard to get ready in time for the demo release.

Apparently one of our plugins was updated in one of the last updates and now causes a problem.
The whole thing affects multiplayer and causes that not every player can get on the server and cannot be created as a character.
Unfortunately, this was discovered too late by us, and therefore we are now in this situation.
Our highest priority is that we do not provide you with a half-finished demo, but that both the single and the whole game are available for download. Especially that the multiplayer mode works, which you are eagerly waiting for.

We’ve been working on the problem for a few days now and have had many team meetings, but it hasn’t led to the desired result.
We know, this news comes unfortunately very late, but we wanted to keep the release day on Friday.
We also didn’t want to offer you garbage as a demo. We want you to have the possibility to get to know the game properly and not
permanently annoyed because something doesn’t work. Currently we can tell you that we need a few more days to solve the problem
and give you the desired gaming fun. We are already busy with troubleshooting and will inform you as soon as we have new news and can publish the demo.

We can understand your disappointment and your displeasure very well, because we feel the same way because we couldn’t keep the deadline. We were also looking forward to sharing the demo with you tomorrow and your feedback on it.

But we won’t give up right now, and to make active use of the time, we will also cancel the stream this Friday, because we really need
every spare minute to solve the problem and to make the game fun for you in a demo that we would also like to see for ourselves.